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Continuous Wire Deckchairs

   Supplied in 2 metre lengths, the continuous Wire Deckchair is suitable for supporting top reinforcement off the bottom reinforcement, spacing vertical reinforcement in walls and for supporting fabric off soft blindings and polyethylene film.


Special lengths available - Contact us for more details.



Product Code Cover Provided Pack Size
ND050 50mm 25
ND075 75mm 25
ND90 90mm 25
ND105 105mm 25
ND120 120mm 25
ND135 135mm 25
ND150 150mm 25
ND165 165mm 25
ND180 180mm 25
ND200 200mm 20

Wire Ring Spacers

   Supplied in 3 metre long straight lengths, which can then be formed into a circle of 1 metre diameter, Wire Ring Spacers provide a quick and easy method of supporting reinforcement in concrete slabs.


Product Code Cover Provided Pack Size
RS50 50mm 25
RS75 75mm 25
RS90 90mm 25
RS105 105mm 25
RS120 120mm 25
RS135 135mm 25
RS150 150mm 25
RS165 165mm 25
RS180 180mm 25
RS200 200mm 25
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