Plastic Screed Chairs

Easily assembled components making a Plastic Screed Chair, which are designed to support scaffold poles or screed baords for accurate levelling of concrete slabs. Placed in position at approximately 500mm centres, they can be adjusted (range of 50mm) to the required level.

Once concreting operations are completed the scaffold tube or board can be removed from the top of the Screed Chair.

Product Code Product Pack Size
SCS Saddles 100
SCC Collars 100
SCT Tube 50 x 2mtr
SCB Bases 100

Metal Screed Chairs

Metal Screed Chairs are an alternative to the Plastic Screed Chair system. They are supplied in 2 parts, the height can be simply adjusted by turning the stirrup in the base.

Heavy Duty Screed Chairs are available - Contact us for more details.

Product Code Slab Thickness Pack Size
MSC1 125mm to 150mm Each
MSC2 150mm to 205mm Each
MSC3 200mm to 300mm Each
MSC4 300mm to 400mm Each
MSC5 380mm to 460mm Each