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Plastic Grade Plate Spacer

   Plastic multi-throat chair spacer with a wide pressure bearing plate to prevent puncturing of polyethylene film or penetration of soft grades.



Product Code Covers Provided Pack Size
GP2530 25mm and 30mm 500
GP4050 40mm and 50mm 200
GP6575 65mm and 75mm 100
GP90100 90mm and 100mm 100

Plastic Wheel Spacer

   Plastic multi-throat circular spacer designed to accept a wide range of reinforcing bar diameters in each cover size. Its unique design enables the minimum specified cover to be achieved through a full 360 degrees for all designated bar sizes.



Product Code Cover Provided

 Rebar Diameter

 Pack Size
WS150410 15mm 4mm to 10mm 1000
WS200412 20mm 4mm to 12mm 500
WS250412 25mm 4mm to 12mm 500
WS251220 25mm 12mm to 20mm 1000
WS300516 30mm 5mm to 16mm 1000
WS350516 35mm 5mm to 16mm 1000
WS400514 40mm 5mm to 14mm 125
WS401220 40mm 12mm to 20mm 500
WS500516 50mm 5mm to 16mm 500
WS501220 50mm 12mm to 20mm 100
WS601228 60mm 12mm to 28mm 100
WS701220 70mm 12mm to 20mm 250
WS750418 75mm 4mm to 18mm 100
WS752026 75mm 20mm to 26mm 100

Plastic Clip Spacer

   Plastic multi-throat clip on spacer designed to give secure and stable support for reinforcing bars from 8mm to 25mm diameter. Suitable to be used in both horizontal and vertical applications.



Product Code  Cover Provided Bar Diameter Pack Size
ACLIP15 15mm 6mm to 16mm 2000
ACLIP20 20mm 6mm to 16mm 1000
ACLIP25 25mm 8mm to 20mm 1000
ACLIP30 30mm 8mm to 20mm 1000
ACLIP35 35mm 8mm to 35mm 1000
ACLIP40 40mm 8mm to 20mm 500
ACLIP50 50mm 8mm to 20mm 500

Plastic Track Spacer

   Supplied in 2mtr lengths, the continous plastic track spacer can be laid horizontally, which saves wiring individual spacers to the reinforcement, and vertically fastened to the reinforcement or shuttering, it will hold the required cover securely. Its ideal to be used for sloping structures, ie staircases, ramps, and tunnel construction.



Product Code Cover Provided Pack Size
PKR152M 15mm 100mtrs (50 x 2mtr strips)
PKR202M 20mm 100mtrs (50 x 2mtr strips)
PKR252M 25mm 100mtrs (50 x 2mtr strips)
PKR302M 30mm 100mtrs (50 x 2mtr strips)
PKR352M 35mm 60mtrs (30 x 2mtr strips)
PKR402M 40mm 60mtrs (30 x 2mtr strips) 
PKR502M 50mm 60mtrs (30 x 2mtr strips)
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