Crack Inducers

PVC Crack Inducers are used in concrete slabs to induce controlled cracks at specific locations in continuously poured (jointless) concrete slabs. To work effectively it is recommended that the total depth of the top or top and bottom crack inducers should be between 1/4 and 1/3 of the total slab thickness.

2 Part Top Crack Inducer

A two peice PVC Crack Inducer designed to be pushed into the top of a wet concrete slab to form a controlled crack. The top section can be removed to form a void approximately 25mm deep into which a floor seal can be applied.

Product Code Depth Length Pack Size 
C2150 50mm 5mtrs 50mtrs
C2175 75mm 5mtrs 50mtrs

1 Part Bottom Crack Inducer

A one peice PVC Crack Inducer designed to be used in conjunction with and placed immediately below the Top Crack Inducer where slabs exceed 250mm in depth.

Product Code Depth Length  Pack Size
C140Y 40mm 5mtrs 50mtrs